I took a break from the behind-the-scenes configuration to work on some visible elements. The first was to create social media accounts. Since it is a crypto project, I made a Twitter/X account. I also created a Facebook account. Since I have images to promote, I created an Instagram account. I would also like a place to show videos of the products, so I made a YouTube account.

To make posting social media content easier, I configured some automation. I plan to create a website blog post and have that content sent automatically to the social media accounts. Because I did not want to pay for the integration solution, I just linked to Twitter. So, when a WordPress blog is published, it will automatically be posted on Twitter. A service is monitoring the RSS feed from WordPress for new posts and will convert these to Twitter posts.

Finally, I wanted to have the option of an email newsletter. I created a free account using an email marketing service called ConvertKit. I then made a website pop-up that was linked to a website form. That website form is connected to the ConvertKit account. When someone submits the website pop-up, the email address is sent to the email marketing service. Since a free version, there is no automation, but this is fine for the initial rollout.