With all the technical research done, it was time to integrate everything together. The first step was to connect the Shopify store to the Printful manufacturing. Shopify has an app system, so installing a Shopify app for Printful was easy. That handled the integration of the two systems.

One exciting part of the integration was the shipping. Printful has its own shipping times because the product needs to be made first. Then, Printful ships the product to the customer, which causes a longer shipping time. However, the cool part of the integration is that the shipping times are sent from Printful to Shopify. It is a range, but still, it is automatic sync. Another significant part is that the shipping costs are also synced. This is all an incredible benefit because it is all automated.

The final step of the integration was to create a Printful product and sync it to Shopify. Like everything else, it was all automated. I made a new product in Printful, which was a mug. I added a Star Atlas image and did the rest of the product configuration. It then synced to Shopify. The sync of the e-commerce platform and the manufacturing platform was done.